About Us

About us

Muslimahs United is a unique organization that has grown out of the need for Muslim women of Color to connect to a sisterhood, in a non-judgmental space where Muslim sisters from all backgrounds are welcome. We combine charity,  physical activity, art, and activism to facilitate a safe space for healing, women’s voices, and community connections. We are a grassroots organization founded by a Black woman and growing with the collaboration of many women. We are Muslimahs United!

An amazing experience

One of the goals of our organization is to create a healthy and an inclusive environment. We do this by hosting a wide range of events and specific services.  Some of the events we organize are community symposiums that address matters of equity and social justice.  We offer events outside of the masjid that allows women to connect with nature, to meet new people, connect with old friends, and network.

We believe it is important to be connected to our surroundings, and being apart of the Pacific NorthWest that means spending a lot of time outdoors. We do monthly hikes and we teach wilderness survival skills.