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Muslimahs United

About us

We are a Grassroots organization comprised of sisters from Portland Oregon and Washington. We serve sisters throughout Pacific Northwest. Before the formation of Muslimahs United sisters knew each other from the Masjids, and the local muslim community.

We’ve been a group that Muslims sisters can turn to when other organizations or agencies can’t or are no longer able to help. We have been a resource for connection, networking, and inspiration for positive change in our communities. 

Hidaya Project

 The purpose of Hidaya project is too uplift and support Muslim women in their time of need. Some of the issues that women are facing include: Hate Crimes, islamophobia, Domestic Violence, Interpersonal Violence, Homelessness, Racism, and the compounding combination of all of these factors.

We have been a group that Muslim sisters can turn to when organizations or agencies can’t or are no longer able to help. Our goal is to uplift our community and help it thrive by offering multiple ways of support to empower and lead women in our community facing these issues. We have recently raised funds through our grassroots efforts, and this has allowed us to increase the number of women we can support at one time.

Meet the team



Samira is the Founder of Muslimahs United and the Hidaya Womans Resource and Advocacy project. She is a mother, Samira is a wilderness First Aid Responder and a hike organizer.



Nafisa is an immigrant from Ethiopia, she has lived here for 10 years. She has been involved in the SW Portland Muslim community. Nefisa has a background in community health education and has worked as a domestic violence advocate.



Sister Layla has been in the community for many years, and is a beloved elder of the community. She has dedicated many of her life to community service locally and internationally. She has assisted marginalized communities throughout the state.



Yasmina is an immigrant from Morocco. She has lived in the Oregon/Washington area for 20 years. She works with partners to implement programs and projects that improve the health of the community. She has worked as a peer and a domestic violence coordinator.

Our Services


Our goal is to host activities on a monthly basis. When we offer hikes and retreats. We also host potlucks and other community-building activities.


Muslimahs United offers a wide range of services including victim advocacy, women’s resources, and support groups. Our services are there to support our community and to protect people who are vulnerable.


We answer all of our inquiries. If you are in need or just want to learn more about our organization feel free to reach out to us.

The community support of Muslimahs United is crucial for our mission. We are here for our community and the continuing lets us know that the community supports our mission, and lets us move towards an even stronger healthy and thriving community.

We are helping unify our community by offering culturally specific resources to assist people within our community.  This program provides the option to work within the community to get the help they need instead of seeking help elsewhere.